Bullying is…
Bullying is when someone is mean to you, on purpose, over and over again, creating an imbalance of power in the relationship. Bullying behavior can be direct or indirect and may take many forms, including, but not limited to: teasing, relational aggression, exclusion, harassment, verbal/ physical/emotional degradation and threats, name-calling, intimidation, public humiliation, and causing harm/violence. Behaving in such a manner through the use of technology (internet, cell phones, etc.) is also considered bully behavior.

Bullying is NOT…
Age appropriate conflict between peers is not considered bully behavior. Normal peer conflict: happens on occasion, is accidental, lacks seriousness, and displays equal power among disputants. “Not Bullying” may include: not liking someone, arguing, sharing unfavorable personal thoughts/feelings, and being bossy. We employ a “Zero Tolerance” policy for bullying. This policy extends to all school environments, including school buildings, grounds, vehicles, bus stops, and school sponsored activities. Students who bully will be “subject to appropriate disciplinary action including suspension, expulsion, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.”



In the event of an incident at one of the schools that could be dangerous to the children in the school either externally or internally, it is unlikely that you will be able to contact anyone through the school office. Because we understand the anxiety that parents will experience if we have a lockdown event in a school that requires a response from law enforcement, the following information will allow you to get any information we have in a timely manner. Please know that if there is a direct threat to the safety of the students and staff in a school that law enforcement will be setting up a perimeter around the school and will not allow any traffic into the area, either by automobile or on foot. To keep you informed regarding the incident please note the following:

You can call 384-6075 for a recorded update of the most current information. You can also call the main number at the district office at 384-6000.


Always sign in at the front office when you enter the building and put on a BES VISITOR sticker.

When picking up your child during school hours:

  • Sign in at the front desk and put on a BES VISITOR sticker
  • Sign your child out at the front desk
  • Ask the front desk to contact your child's teacher and have your child sent up to the office to meet you

Please limit entry into the building during school hours, unless you are scheduled to volunteer or picking up your child. Monitoring the number of people in the school protects instructional time and provides increased safety for our children.


  • DO make every effort to arrive at school 10 minutes* before the 8 a.m. bell rings
  • DO wait your turn, be patient and move as far forward as possible in the drop zone in front of school
  • DO drop off your kids in the drop zone in front of school only
  • DO stay in your car when saying goodbye
  • DO let your children out on the passenger side of the car
  • DO yield to pedestrians, if you are a pedestrian use the crosswalk
  • DO yield to the right-of-way to the inside traffic lane in the drop zone
  • DO be courteous to the staff directing traffic they have a long day ahead
  • DO avoid the traffic and have your kids take the bus or walk if possible
  • DO park in town and walk to school
  • DO stop at the crosswalk or drive past the crosswalk without blocking the area
  • DO park your car in designated parking spots only
  • DO WAIT to talk on your cell phone until after leaving the parking lot

*children who arrive early are allowed to play on the playground or come into the cafeteria or the link before the bell



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