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Monday, February 23, 2015

PARCC for Parents--Come hear more about this upcoming assessment for 3rd and 4th grade students. Parents will also get a chance to take mini-PARCC assessment. Jen shared information about the assessments including the schedule

Unified Improvement Plan at BES--An Update on the Reading and Writing professional Development for teachers this school year. Overview of reading, writing, listening, and speaking and math...


Read Act legislation- Early Literacy Grant funds the resources. Kaet shared her role of looking at student data to find best ways to support their growth and working with teachers to model lessons. Reading Foundations Academy another professional development offering. Important role to build strategies for teachers so they have tools to use when students are not making progress with a strategy.
Danielle Thompson providing Professional Development throughout the year. This Wednesday she will focus on reading and vocabulary with our whole staff.

Mark Overmeyer- coming March 30 and 31st for professional development, supporting teachers, and demonstrating lessons
Amy Galicia- writing develops as speaking develops, scores much lower in writing than they should be universal assessment based on three areas of writing

English Language Development-
Marisol- ELD coaching role. Working to help our students become bilingual and biliterate. Some students are learning English as a second language and Spanish as a second language. It happens all around the world successfully.
Professional development- learning about what biliteracy is, reading Biliteracy from the Start- learning strategies and techniques, Spanish phonics curriculum adoptions. Common meetings on Early Release Wednesdays very valuable for this learning time.

Additional Support
added more teachers for tutoring, have many more kids receiving more practice

looking at two possible curriculums for district-wide adoption.
changing the curriculum to meet common core standards

Continued planning for “Crew” at BES in the fall of 2015
Crew is a dedicated time in student schedules to focus on character skills and social-emotional learning as well as academic goal-setting. The crew model ensures all students have an adult monitoring their academic and social well-being and allows for deeper teacher-to-student and student-to-student relationships that increase feelings of belonging to the school.
activity- face to face/back to back    * video for next time- tech issues

Engage in a conversation with us about…
Open House, Back to School Night and Kindergarten Orientation for 2015--What should these events look like next fall?- consensus is open house and parent information nights was a better system than Back to School Night
Open House
playground time was fun
communication- make sure people know open house replaces Back to School Night
like it early in the year- sooner than later
set up was nice- classroom then outside
enjoyed casual chance to connect
Kinder Orientation
kinder coffee in library was great
social gathering with orientation and then invite them to open house too
could have “ambassadors”- current parents in our school or PIE or BEF volunteers, join for kindergarten tours Tuesday afternoons 12:00 and Thursday mornings 8:30  (Jeanne will set up a “sign-up genius”)
Parent Information Nights
info presented uniformly, nice, didn’t vary by classes
felt very formal, making a presentation, teachers nervous
work on engagement- take parents through some activities
use crew format
name tag for parent and who child is- build relationships
parents with more than one child, too much at once. Break it up a little.
do kinder before school starts
simultaneous translation works better- sit close to translator so the devices work
could have “ambassadors”- current parents in our school or PIE or BEF volunteers to answer questions

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