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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kindergarten at Basalt Elementary School! This is a very special and important year in your child's life and we are thrilled to have him/her a part of the Kindergarten program at our school. Early learning is critical to a child's continued success in school. Our philosophy in all of our Kindergarten classrooms is to focus on building effective relationships with each students, their parents and in our classroom communities while supporting the individual learning needs of each child to create a joy of learning for all.

Our school offers the choice of a full time, part time or a full time Dual Language Bilingual program at the Kindergarten level. These rich opportunities are offered to better meet the learning needs of your child.

During your child’s K-4 school experience at Basalt Elementary School, we focus on welcoming all families and emphasizing building relationships, strong academics, and enriching learning opportunities as the foundation of a student’s learning experience. We expect the BESt of our students by teaching the Habits of a Scholar and Mindfulness in Crew. We value learning in two languages and have offered a Dual Language program opportunity since 1994. We focus on the pillars of a Dual Language program; high academic achievement, cross-cultural competence and bilingual/biliteracy. We also value our Basalt community spirit and are proud to be Longhorns!
Staff Members
Teacher are so grateful to any parent that is willing to come in and volunteer but please remember the following guidelines...
* Parents must check in at the office each time they volunteer and must wear a visitor badge
* Parents need to pick up a fingerprinting card, take it to the police station and bring it back to the school office
* All students learning is confidential
Parent Visitation
Parent Visitation: If you would like to visit your child's classroom please call ahead. If you are interested in discussing your child's progress we would be more than happy to schedule a time with you. These types of conversations are not appropriate when students are in the classroom; our focus is on the students when they are present.