Bilingual Education

Here you'll find information about the Bilingual Education program at BES. The program is a choice for parents and students at BES. If you would like your child to be a part of the Dual Language Bilingual Program, please contact the office.

Bilingual Education


BES is proud to offer a choice to parents in our Dual Language program. The program has been at BES since 1994 in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade. Our Dual Language program is called "two-way immersion", meaning native Spanish speakers are learning English and native English speakers are learning Spanish. Our program model is 50/50, which means 50% of the instruction is in Spanish, and 50% in English. Research supports that learning content in two languages is beneficial for all students and additionally helps develop social emotional skills like executive function and empathy. For native Spanish speakers, this model offers students the best opportunity to continue to develop their heritage language (Spanish), while developing their English. The goals of the program are:

-Foster biliteracy and bilingualism -Cross-cultural connections -High academic achievement for all

Our school divides language through the daily schedule. Within the dual language program, students speak and study in one language at a time, and the times for each language are explicitly defined. At BES students rotate weekly between Spanish and English for Crew, Math, Science, Social Studies and Health in Kindergarten through 4th grades. Literacy is taught in a child's primary language first and in their new language second.

For additional information, please refer to this FAQ document and/or contact Suzanne Wheeler-Del Piccolo at 384-5801.