Curriculum & Standards

Here you will find information about Common Core Standards as well as resources for parents and students

Curriculum Programs


MindUP™ is a research-based training program for educators and children. This program is composed of 15 lessons based in neuroscience. Students learn to self-regulate behavior and mindfully engage in focused concentration required for academic success. MindUP™ lessons align with all state standards including Common Core and support improved academic performance while enhancing perspective taking, empathy and kindness as well as fostering complex problem solving skills.


Bridges in Mathematics is a comprehensive PK–5 curriculum that equips teachers to fully implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in a manner that is rigorous, coherent, engaging, and accessible to all learners.

The curriculum focuses on developing students’ deep understandings of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve complex and novel problems. Bridges blends direct instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration. It taps into the intelligence and strengths of all students by presenting material that is as linguistically, visually, and kinesthetically rich as it is mathematically powerful. Our teachers…Encourage students to be responsible for their own learning. Use good questioning strategies and draw out student thinking. Promote discourse while creating a safe learning environment.

Our students…Solve problems using visual models and manipulatives. Make and test conjectures while recording their thinking. Talk and move around the classroom as they actively engage in learning.