Attendance Line - 970-384-5806 Regular attendance is important for a child to maintain academic growth and learning. Colorado law requires that all school-age children regularly attend school. At the same time, a sick child cannot learn well and may be contagious to his/her classmates. Please be considerate of others and keep your child home when he or she is ill. Please call the attendance line at 384-5806 by 9:00am if your child will be absent. The school office will attempt to call the parents of all absent students. This is to help ensure students safety and does not eliminate the need for a parent to call the office. Parents will be contacted in the event of excessive tardiness or absences.

Missed schoolwork may be picked up when the child returns, or after school to avoid interrupting class. Please refer to Roaring Fork School District Student Information Packet for a complete explanation of the attendance policy and excused/unexcused absences.

Excessive Absences School attendance is compulsory in the State of Colorado. Research has shown that if children miss school or are late to school ,they have difficulty staying on track academically. If your child shows an attendance rate of 94% or lower (absent or tardy 10 or more days based on attending the full school year), you will be contacted by your child’s teacher or school administration to develop a plan to improve your child’s attendance.

Tardiness Tardiness is defined as the appearance of a student without proper excuse after the scheduled time that the school day begins. Because of the disruptive nature of tardiness and the detrimental effect upon the rights of the non-tardy student to uninterrupted learning, parents will be notified when their child is excessively tardy. Please make every possible effort to have your child at school in a timely manner. Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:05am.