What is CREW?

This year, the Roaring Fork School District will continue to implement crew to help build relationships with all members of the school. Crew will be everyday from 8:00-8:30 At BES, we believe that building stronger relationships between students, teachers, and administration will help learning flourish within our walls. When every students feels welcomed, valued and loved, they are more likely to succeed.

Crew is a dedicated time in the day to focus on character skills (Habits of a Scholar), social-emotional learning and academic goal-setting. Crew provides each student a relationship with an adult crew leader at the school, as well as a consistent and ongoing small-scale peer community. The crew model ensures that all students have an adult monitoring their academic and social well-being. It sets the stage for the development of deeper teacher-to-student and student-to-student relationships which increase feelings of belonging and supports all students’ success.

Purposes of Crew Positive Culture: Build and maintain a positive school culture, climate, and community that connects to the broader community. Academic Advisement: Facilitate goal setting to develop college and career readiness. Character Development: Develop and maturate Habits of a Scholar (character skills) and support social-emotional learning. Adventure: Foster adventure, health, fitness, and a love of learning.

Our goal is to have self managing classrooms: where students are responsible for what happens in the class and are able to control behaviors without teacher interference's. Every classroom has a social contract that was developed by the class. Every member of the class signs the social contract and agrees to abide by it. Each social contract is posted in the class.

Please ask your child more about CREW and their social contract at home.