Children come to us at many levels of development. We offer a program that allows for these differences and to nurture individual growth.

Our reading and writing programs reflect this belief. We provide daily opportunities for children to write and read as we immerse them in good literature with predictable text. It is through writing and reading that children view themselves as part of a literate community.

Because we know that children's play is their work, we provide many open-ended activities that will allow for social and emotional growth. A child's social growth is as essential as his academic achievement.

Our math program also reflect the philosophy that children learn by doing. Our math program uses math manipulatives to promote a basic understanding of mathematical concepts as children meet and exceed the standards.

We believe that the most effective way to teach young children is to capitalize on the child's natural inclination to learn through active engagement, while providing rich and engaging instructional learning opportunities.

Our goal is to meet individual needs of each student so that they are successful learners in all content areas at Basalt Elementary School.

Basalt Elementary School is closed to any new enrollment outside of the Basalt attendance area. This decision was made due to the fact that enrollment at BES has reached maximum optimal capacity.