Expect the Best


Expect the Best

Schools differ in their ability to create academic success, but the differences appear to be more related to school and classroom climate factors rather than methods of teaching. Successful schools pay more than average attention to the quality of interactions among those inhabiting the school and the social context in which those interactions occur. –Goodlad A Place Called School

The BESt Code has transformed into ExPECT the BESt. This code (a statement of the beliefs or aims that guide someone's actions) came from work teachers did throughout the past year to define what is most important for us to emphasize with students, and represents the "Habits of a Scholar" work presented by the Roaring Fork School District through the strategic planning process.

We are incorporating curriculum previously used within the school (Second Step, Mind-Up, bully-proofing lessons) and growth mindset lessons to create common language for students, teachers, and parents alike as well as solidify a positive culture among students over time. Students are learning these lessons within community meeting time on Wednesdays and the lessons are reinforced and practiced within all of their classes and activities throughout the day. A rubric will appear on report cards to represent the criteria teachers will use throughout the district to report on student progress in the five Habits. They will receive a rating of Leading, Meeting, Developing, or Beginning in each Habit.

In this first year of implementation, we are slowly rolling out one Habit per month or two and including a whole-grade community meeting to celebrate each Habit at the end of that implementation period. For October, we taught students about Executive Skills. This will be the only Habit reported on for first-quarter. For students, this means focusing on their work, managing their behaviors, organizing, following directions, and being responsible.

We are looking forward to more activities being added over time to support our students' learning of ExPECT the BESt through assemblies, posters, songs, skits, and much more. Ask your children what the words in the code mean and ask them what goal they are working on! Here is the song we sing together to celebrate our ExPECT the BESt learning. The first one has the words and the second one shows Will I Am singing with Sesame Street characters.

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