PreK-3 Students Will Return to In-Person Learning on October 19 Followed by Students in Grades 4-8 on October 26

Risk levels have improved, paving the way for a return to in-person learningWe are pleased to announce that risk levels have improved in Garfield and Eagle Counties to Safer Level 1 according to the state’s Covid-19 Dial Dashboard measure of the two week cumulative incidence rate. If this trend continues, the state dial is on track to reach Safer Level 1 next week. Given the dropping risk levels combined with our evolving understanding of the science of the pandemic, we are planning to resume in-person learning for students in PreK-3 grades on October 19. Students in grades 4-8 are on schedule to transition on October 26. Thanks to everyone for doing your part to keep our communities safe and get students back in school. We sincerely appreciate our community for their patience with our cautious, science-based approach to a return to in-person learning.