3rd Grade

WELCOME TO THIRD GRADE!! All homework, like instruction, is differentiated and focused on reinforcing, practicing, and scaffolding the new skills that students learn in class. Students should be able to complete homework independently. Third graders will have math homework each Tuesday and Thursday. Students will have a monthly literacy Rocking Reader goal, which is based on the standards taught in class. Homework should take 30 minutes maximum and it is always practice.Reading instruction will be differentiated and focused on the comprehension strategies students need to develop and become better readers. Students will continue to work on fluency and strategies that good readers use. In writing, students will write in a variety of genres, which will enable them to write with original voice and improve their conventions, organization, and ideas.In our math curriculum, Investigations, we will focus on number sense, computation, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and fractions that spiral throughout the school year.In Science, we will focus on life cycles, rocks and minerals, and states of matter.In Social Studies, we will focus on communities, government, and geography.In handwriting, we will focus on learning to write in cursive.In Health, we will be working on healthy food choices.Every student has a back and forth folder. Please check your student's folder for parent information and homework on a daily basis.Birthday celebrations will occur during the last ten minutes of the day. If you would like to bring a snack to share with the class, it must be a healthy snack like fruit, yogurt, popcorn, or vegetables. You are not required to bring a snack.

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