4th Grade

WELCOME TO FOURTH GRADE!! Our goal is to develop a community of independent learners who will be successful beyond 4th grade. In an effort to support the ongoing academic development of our students, the 4th grade team will provide informational literacy and math letters to explain learning concepts and to provide you with tips to support learning at home. Parent questions and communication is encouraged and welcomed. Please call to schedule a meeting time so we are able to give you our 100% attention.40 homework minutes will be required daily to improve or raise proficiency for all students in Reading/Writing/Math. The 40 minutes time frame may vary each day and will be clarified on Back-to-School night.Student behavior will be monitored to ensure the safety of every student. Physical, verbal, threatening behavior and non-compliance with school and playground rules will receive 3 warnings. If the behavior persists after the third warning parents will be notified and a parent teacher conference will be scheduled to develop a behavior plan.Most field trips are centered on our Environmental Education study of the Roaring Fork Watershed and parents will be notified of the upcoming 4th grade adventures.Every year the 4th grade students participate in a school performance focused on the exploration of the west.Parent Volunteers are all welcome to participate in a variety of capacities, but must be finger printed if volunteering on more than three occasions or when volunteering on field trips. Volunteers must sign in at the office.

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