Get Involved

Here you'll find information about the ways you can Get Involved at BES! See the links on this page for more about Volunteer Opportunities as well as other engagement tracks for parents

Classroom Visits and Volunteers

We encourage you to visit your child’s classroom. We request that you call the teacher first and schedule the visit. This enables the teacher to plan for the visit and minimize any interruption to the teaching-learning process. For safety reasons, sign in at the office each day you are in the building and put on a BES Volunteer/Visitor badge while you are in the building/classroom. There are two guidelines we ask parents to follow as they volunteer in our school.

Do not interrupt during instruction. All student learning information is confidential.

Roaring Fork School District has adopted a volunteer policy that requires all volunteers in the school to be fingerprinted if they volunteer three or more times during the school year or if they plan to participate in overnight activities with students. The intent of the policy is to protect the students in our schools by doing everything within our power to ensure that all adults with whom students come in contact on a regular basis have met the safety and compliance standards required of all school employees. Please contact the student secretary for information on completing this process.

Parents who volunteer more than four times a year must be fingerprinted. This is a school law and a school district policy. Our office team can provide the important information that you need to be fingerprinted according to our school district policies.