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School Action Strategies
Our district vision statement is "Roaring Fork schools will ensure that every student develops the enduring knowledge, skills, and character to thrive in a changing world." Basalt Elementary meets this vision through two main teaching strategies: ExPECT the BESt and Data-Driven Instruction
BES Action Strategies
1) ExPECT the BESt- The district is implementing five Habits of a Scholar based on community feedback and research that supports student success and fulfillment in life. These habits can be seen in the picture to the right and represent our theme for our school: ExPECT the BESt. We are teaching our students what behaviors they can learn and demonstrate to be their BESt within each of these Habits. Community meeting time each Wednesday provides time for students to learn and practice the Habits and all staff members reinforce that learning throughout each school day. We know our students socio-emotional needs are every bit as important as their academic needs, which is why we have made it goal number 1!

2) Data Driven Instruction- Using information gathered from formative and summative assessment, teachers design lessons and programming to best meet students' needs on a daily basis. Professional development and work time focuses on helping teachers design small group instruction, centers, homework, and whole group instruction that is taylored to information gleaned from classroom observations and assessments. We use results from classroom assessments, NWEA MAP tests, DIBELS and IDEL assessments, AddVantage Math, and Investigations assessments and activities on a daily basis to design learning activities for the most growth possible. We want our students to have the strongest academic foundation possible!